Since the start of the pandemic, Joe the Architect had grown from an 8 person team to 30, and they needed an updated brand to win the higher caliber opportunities coming their way. We started with a wish list for the new look and feel — it would be fresh and modern — but not off putting to their more conservative clients. They also wanted a matching tone-of-voice to carry through their collateral. 

I interviewed Joe about his mission and values, and gained a deep appreciation for his fresh approach to business and team management. He'd thoughtfully created a trusting place for staff to try new things, ask for help, develop skills and grow into challenging projects. He had even built in a co-op structure where profits were shared with staff on a quarterly basis. His approach with clients was truly as a creative partner, with out the airs of typical Architecture firms. He held certain ideals so close to heart we decided to bring them into the brand voice. 'Make more, ego less.' 'Here to help.' and 'Let's make someplace great.' came out of our brainstorms.

A few months after the rebrand, Joe offered me a full-time position to help build out JtA's brand offering for their clients, in-house. And so the JtA brand work continues to this day, as we refine what works and what doesn't.
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